Automation solutions for the production of the future

We present two brand new robot spindles Robot 100 and Robot 120. These are the first spindles for the more powerful version of the already well known AP robot interface of Robot 80.

Both spindles have integrated pneumatic tool clamping, speed control, electrostatic neutral shaft, taper air purge, tool change control, sealing air seal and nozzles for various media. Certainly, there is still further possibilities to adapt them to your needs. Due to its sophisticated bearing technology, the Robot 100 VA5 achieves a maximum speed of 36,000 rpm and is perfectly suitable for robot machining operations involving vibration. Our new Robot 120 reaches up to 30,000 rpm.

The revolutionary AP interface allows for rapid spindle change without the need for lengthy locking of the spindle.

The Robot series from IMT is the perfect choice for automated robot applications of the future. Whether for milling, drilling, grinding, deburring or even polishing.

Take a look at the Robot 100 and the Robot 120 in detail.