Product Overview

The best spindle is only as good as its accessories!

Frequency converter

What use is the best high-end spindle without the right frequency converter? The highest efficiency can only be achieved by the perfect configuration of both components. We offer you the best possible combination of both components in order to realize an optimal capacity utilization of your system.

Connecting cables

A key function for perfect control between frequency converter and spindle is the cable assemblies of the devices. We adapt your connecting cables optimally to your requirements. Certainly we provide you with the appropriate hose solution packages for your requirements as well. Whether air or water cooling - we have the fitting components for your system.

Cooling system

A constant temperature balance not only increases the durability of the spindle system - it is also a significant part of an energy-efficient and component-protecting process. Only by keeping the temperature of the spindle system constant you can ensure ideal process conditions.

Spindle bracket

Should you are not using an IMT spindle together with a block housing on your machine, the IMT spindle brackets offer the possibility to optimally clamp your cylindrical spindles in your machine. On request, we can manufacture your own individual spindle bracket as well.
With pleasure we advise you!

Tool holder

An extremely precisely balanced tool holder ensures optimum operation of your IMT spindle and significantly increases the durability of the system. Among others, our tool holders impress with an optimal true running inside cone as well as with maximum stability and accuracy. This is how we can guarantee the best possible surface quality of your workpieces.

Talk to us - We will be happy to support you in the design of your IMT spindle system